Sunday, June 26, 2011

Truth & objectivity: post modern casualties or victims of PR piracy?

Truth and objectivity. Two simple factors that hold the utmost importance in the line of Journalism but is yet often overlooked due to various reasons.

When writing a news story or an article, a journalist has the responsibility to report the truth and provide an objective point of view. However, these are often sacrificed. When writing for a magazine, like a health magazine, a journalist may promote a certain health product not because he/she honestly feels that the product is good but simply because the company might be an advertiser in the magazine. Also, many journalists often feel obligated to speak well or a certain company simply because of PR practitioners. Therefore, journalists should always keep in mind that while it is the job of the PR practitioner to maintain good media relations, it is the job of a journalist to report the facts.

Other reasons that could cause a journalist to write a bias article void of truth and objectivity would be when the issue involves topics like religion or even politics. However, in my opinion, the main issue that causes journalist to write an article void of truth or objectivity is personal integrity. It is the responsibility of a journalist to report the facts. Hence, I think a journalist should be responsible enough to keep that in mind when writing an article and not give in to any personal issues.

Most importantly plagiarism should never be condoned and a journalist should know better than to plagiarize because of all people, journalists should know the best what it feels like to have your work plagiarized.

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